Why should We have Video Presentation Like Corporate Video / Multi-media Video (Info-Graphics) / Animated Video Etc?

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April 9, 2018
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June 1, 2018

Why should We have Video Presentation Like Corporate Video / Multi-media Video (Info-Graphics) / Animated Video Etc?

Answar is simple, It’s understood that people can remember 10% of what’s they are listening & what they view can remember 20% butthey can remember 50% , if they view & listen.

YouTube has launched in 2007 & it became the second largest search engine after google. In 2011 YouTube had over a more than trillion views. That’s over 140 views for each person on Globe. So its always having advantage to Place your Presense in wide spectrum like YouTube.

People love to see video, plain and simple Instead of having to search through different Web Pages or Brochure.  Just play and get the full information.

Some of the benefit of videos Presentation are:

  • Video can help establish your image. A video will share the personality of you & your company’s Image more than text ever will.
  • Visitors will be more engauged in your Webpage , if you have Corporate Video or Infographics, It has been proved that a person who views a video will stay an average of two minutes longer in the Site.
  • Creatively & Graphically created Information will give more interest of your Viewers or Customers to know more about your Company Information & Streath.
  • Videos encourage sharing on the social pages. People are more likely to share a video than text, especially on different social media platforms.
  • Human voiceOver gives a human touch to your video and can explain company details in a better way.
  • Engaging your customer and develop the interested in your company
  • Visually showcaseyour factory and product quality.


Type of Videos:

  • Corporate video will give the over all details of your company and their projects, work quality and customer satisfaction as over all the company profile.
  • Company show customer Testimonials Videos to increase the trust on your company or brand.
  • Training Videos give visual demonstrations that can be better than studying a manual or staring at static diagrams it can be viewed again and again till they retain the information
  • Time-lapse video will show the information about your current project , Progress, and their quality of work in a very short time.