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Tips & Tricks of Photography

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Tips & Tricks of Photography

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What is Photography?

Photography is basically an art and practice of producing a durable image by capturing light with a camera usually with a help of a digital censor. In simple words photography is the process of capturing the light with a help of a camera to create an image. The word photography was derived from Greek roots where photo (light) and graphene (to draw). Together it means "drawing with light". Professional Photography in its whole is a very fun and a captivating process.
Whether you are a new person who got introduced to photography or an professional photographer.
Here are a few tips that will help improve your skills of photography :-

1.  Avoid shaking of camera

Shaking of the camera or blurring is something that can affect any photographer. Here are some ways to avoid those. You would need to learn how to hold the camera steady for which you can use both of your hands. Use a tripod when ever required. Check that you are using the right shutter speed that is needed for your lens focal length. If the speed is too low, any slightest movement will disrupt the photo and cause the image to come out blurry.

2. Gridlines to frame your shots

One of the simplest ways to improve photography is to switch on the grid lines on your camera. This will help you place your subject very well on your frame and help you obtain a good photo.

3. Rule of the Thirds

The "Rule of Thirds" is one of the first important lessons that a new photographer will learn in classes for photography as it will help you create well balance out and exciting shots. To use this rule, imagine the grid lines that are four lines, 2 lying horizontal and 2 lying vertical creating nine squares evenly. With the help of this gridline the rule of thirds now finds the important four points of the image that will help you consider placing the point of interest in the frame of a image. Studies have shown that when a image is being viewed , a person’s eyes mainly tends to go to one of the four points on the image than the center of the image. This is how the rule of thirds works.

4. No use of flash indoor

Too much light can make the image look bleak and unreal. This is mostly the case for indoor portraits. So, there are number of ways to over come this and not depend too much on flash. Use the ISO properly, push it up to 800 to 1600. This will make a huge difference for the shutter speed. Use a wider apature if possible. This way the camera will take in more light and give a nice blurry background. Use a tripod if possible.

5. Choose a simple background

This is a simple method and you decide what's required to be in the shot, while not having anything that’s going to be too distracting in the image. Examples of a simple background is the use of a blank background like a neutral color or simple patterns. You want the focus of the image to be the person or an object of the shot rather than the background.

6.  Use reflection

Using reflection can be a great use to take a good photo. You can take relfection shots with the help of water bodies or the use of a mirror etc. these type of photos can be taken during a rainy days.

7. Always be alert

Be prepared to take photos. For example images of cars moving, a subject flying or a person running will be a tricky thing to take a photo of so always be on your feet to take a photo of such kind of subjects. You can keep can the automatic modes on your camera to take photos of such unexpected subjects.

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