Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Highlighting the Benefits to Auto Attendant Messages or IVR!

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May 21, 2018
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Highlighting the Benefits to Auto Attendant Messages or IVR!
August 15, 2018

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – Highlighting the Benefits to Auto Attendant Messages or IVR!

Auto Attendant or Telephone on-hold messaging is the first interaction with your customer about your Company or brand, if your customer is on hold for a few seconds you can give information about your Company or brand or any seasonal discount offers.

There are many benefits  to Telephone Hold Message few are mentioned below.

  1. 1. As the saying goes “the first impression is the best impression”. In the existing competitive business scenario your first contact with the customer is usually over the phone, why not impress them first time, every time with a professional approach.
  2. On Hold Message (Telephone Hold Messages) is a very focused and cost effective (an one time investment) advertisement option addressing the people who actually happen to call you.
  3. Caller generally gets to hear a monotonous music. Which does not generate anything in them except boredom. Give them some information about yourself in a nice way, and it will catch their attention and interest.

4.Those telephone systems that are connected to the radio may be announcing your competitor’s advertisement when a customer calls. Connecting radio to the telephone does not seem to be a good idea.

Why Do Companies Go For Auto Attendant Message?

When some of your Client call to your office & listen welcome Messages with a professional recorded voice it will create some impression; the first impression is the best impression, as everyone knows.

In an auto attendant system the telephone picks up the call automatically and prompts the caller to follow a sequence of recorded instruction to reach the person or the service, which he needs. For examples , An auto attendant system may sound like this,” Welcome to IBC Studio. If you know the extension number of the person who you wish to speak to, please dial it now, or for a list of extensions you may dial 1, or zero for the operator”.

Interactive Voice Response

There are many benefits  to Auto Attendant Messages or IVR few are mentioned below.

      1.The receptionist can be freed to do other jobs then picking the telephone all calls alone.

  1. All the calls will be attended professionally and efficiently guiding the caller to the required department / person.
  2. Never Miss a Sales Call Again  — At the time of non-working hours, callers can be attended, or keeping voice message to returning the call, this way no important calls can’t be missed.
  3. Even if the receptionist picks the calls in an office with heavy traffics it may not be possible for the receptionist to attend to the all calls. In such cases it is essential that the system is auto attendant enable so that all calls are attended to properly and efficiently.

Professional script.

Your client calls  to your company and your telephone hold message script is not done by professional person then it will give a very terrible impression to your client and it also affect the perception of the company or brand.

Radio advertising

In UAE radio is the most powerful platform, it’s production is very cost effective solution For your Products or Brands to establish in market.