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Benefits of AR and VR in Industries

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Benefits of AR and VR in Industries

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What is AR and VR?

AR stands for Augmented Reality. It is an interactive experience of the real-world environment through your camera of your phone etc. It is a technology that lets people cover up digital content in the real-life scene. AR allows us to see the real-life environment right in front of us.
VR stands for Virtual Reality. It is the use of computer technology to create and control a simulated environment. It is a computer-generated simulation in which a person is able to interact with artificial 3D content in that environment using special devices.

Where can AR/VR benefit :-

AR in E-learning

There are many ways in which AR can benefit and be used in for employees for corporate training or employee training programs.
Places where AR is used to train people are on board processes, safety methods, fixing machines etc. places like these uses augmented reality to teach such tasks and procedures so that they can learn new concepts which can otherwise be very dangerous or risky to be done in real life.

VR in E-learning

Using virtual reality simulations can create a very safe and realistic experience in employee training for the learner. With the help of VR, the whole simulation experience becomes very immerse and lets the learner feel like they are present at that place doing the task.
One of the main benefits of using VR for E-learning is that it is very low cost and has no risks at all to the learner. It is a very risk-free learning experience. VR provides a personalized learning path. Which means that the learner can choose his or her own way of learning.

AR and VR in healthcare

The medical field will be able to benefit a lot from AR and VR application. The surgeon can use AR to understand and study the anatomy of the patient. They can also use AR to visualizer Bones and internal organs of the patient without having the cut open the patient’s body.
These processes can help surgeons to see muscles, and internal organs. With AR, surgeons can perform accurate and low-risk surgeries, which will help them save time.

AR and VR in travel industries

Hotels can use VR that will help offer a new way of showing the travers the hotel packages and the rooms. AR and VR can be used to see the place they are planning on visiting before even visiting that specific area. This can help enhance the tourist attraction and location.

AR and VR in fashion shows and events

Using in AR and VR for fashion can make the whole experience different. Due to covid a lot of fashions shows, and fashions have been closed for a while now. With the help of AR and VR the experience of fashion can be redone in a different way, where a person sitting at home can view the shows through the device they have.

Events are one of the main industries that require AR and VR help. Since no one can travel to places like before, event industries could benefit from the simulated experience of AR and VR simulations.

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