Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you have an On Hold Message (OHM)?

When Telephone Calls Put on Hold or at the time of Transferring the Line, some Message can be played, is called OHM i.e. On Hold Message or Telephone Hold Message.

  1. As the saying goes “the first impression is the best impression”. In the existing competitive business scenario your first contact with the customer is usually over the phone, why not impress them first time, every time with a professional approach.
  2. On Hold Message is a very focused and cost effective (a one time investment) advertisement option addressing the people who actually happen to call you.
  3. Caller generally gets to hear a monotonous music. Which does not generate anything in them except boredom. Give them some information about yourself in a nice way, and it will catch their attention and interest.
  4. If there is no sound even if the monotonous music is missing then the caller may think connection got disconnected they may keep the phone down. Avoid wrong impression that tends to have a cumulative effect.
  5. Those telephone systems that are connected to the radio may be announcing your competitor’s advertisement when a customer calls. Connecting radio to the telephone does not seem to be a good idea.
Can you have an On Hold Message (OHM)?

Any company that has an EPABX can have an On Hold Message added to their telephone system. In Simple words if the company can receive a call, put the caller on Hold and transfers the all on any required extension, they can have the on Hold Message.

Though all the recent models of EPABX support the OHM facility, it is rather useful to consult the system vendor is case the system is of older make.

What is an auto attendant system?

In an Auto attendant, system picks up the call automatically and prompts the caller to follow a sequence of recorded instruction to reach the person of the service, which he needs. For examples: An auto attendance system may sound like this, “Welcome to IBC, Innovative Business Communication. If you know the extension number of the person who you wish to speak to, please dial it now, or for a list of extensions you may dial 1, or Zero for the operator assistance”.

For a system to have auto attendant (AA) facility it should be AA enabled, if it is not enabled you are advised to contact your EPABX System vendor to upgrade it. Similar way, to convey the after office hour message, the system should be auto attendant enabled. This is obvious since the receptionist well not be available to pick the calls after office hours; the call has to be answered by the system automatically.

Why Do Companies Go for Auto Attendant facility?
  1. The receptionist can be freed to do another jobs then picking the telephone calls alone.
  2. All the calls will be attended to professionally and efficiently guiding the caller to the required department / person.
  3. Even if the receptionist picks the calls in an office with heavy traffics it may not be possible for the receptionist to attend to the calls. In such cases it is essential that the system is auto attendant enable so that calls are attended to properly and efficiently.
  4. The auto attendant system makes accessing any particular person / depart easier without undue delays.
What is a Voice Mail System?

A voice mail system enables the caller to leave a message in the voice mailbox to be accessed by someone later. This voice mail can be left in a general mailbox or and the individual mailbox at each terminal based on the system configuration. For this the EPABX has to be upgraded to enable a voice mail system.



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